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Manage customers profiles

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This article shows you how the app handles customer profiles stored in the Customer list of the app. With the app settings, the customer accounts will be created, updated or edited after the form is submitted.

Customer list in the Powerful Contact Form Builder app contains:

  • Customer accounts created after the form is submitted
  • Customer account created via Shopify events and then synced to the app. Learn more about how to sync customers from Shopify

Add customer profiles

Steps to manage 

  1. From app admin page, click Customers
  2. Click Add customer button
  3. Enter the customer’s information
  4. Optional: If the customer has agreed to receive marketing emails, and you have entered an email address, then in the Customer overview section, check Customer agreed to receive marketing emails.
  5. In the the Tax exemptions section: If you charge the customer sales tax, then in the Tax exemptions section, check Collect tax
  6. Click Save


Edit customer profiles

If a customer profile already exists in Shopify, then you can edit the profile from the Shopify Customers page or Customers tab in the app.

  1. From app admin page, click Customers
  2. Click the customer name
  3. To add a note to the customer profile, in the Customer Note field, enter the appropriate information about the customer, and then click Save
  4. In the Customer overview section, click Edit, and then make the appropriate changes to the following information:
    • first name
    • last name
    • language
    • email address
    • phone number
  5. To edit the address, in the DEFAULT ADDRESS section, do one of the following:
    • To edit the current address, click Manage, and then click Edit address
    • To change which address is the default address, click Manage, and then click Make default next to the appropriate address
    • To add a new address to the profile, click Add new address
  6. To change whether taxes are collected or whether the customer is tax exempt, in the TAXES SETTINGS section, click Manage
  7. To change whether the customer receives email marketing, in the Email Marketing section, click Edit status
  8. To apply tags to the customer profile, in the Tags section, do either of the following:
    • To add a tag, click the field, and then select a tag
    • To remove a tag, click the X next to a tag

Deleting customer profiles

You can delete individual customer profiles. Alternatively, you can delete multiple customer profiles in bulk.

Customer profiles can’t be deleted in the following cases:

  • the customer has an order history
  • the customer has pending redaction because of a GDPR erasure request
  • the customer has an active subscription now, or if the customer ever had a subscription in the past

If you attempt to delete multiple profiles in bulk, then only the profiles that can be deleted are deleted.

Note: Deleting a customer profile can’t be undone,

Delete individual customer profiles

Steps to manage 

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