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Wholesale Rex

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Wholesale Rex

Wholesale Rex
by Rexific Apps
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Wholesale Rex – Wholesale orders, Tiered Pricing and Volume/Bulk Discounts for your customers

We are delighted to offer the merchants this app for higher volume orders. Start offering Wholesale orders and tiered pricing on your Shopify store without any hassles of complex coding or expensive setup. You will be ready to start within minutes. You no longer need to create and maintain seperate stores for Wholesale & Retail customers. You may have customers of all categories order from the same website.

Why Wholesale Rex?

  • This app comes from the developers of several order management apps
  • Huge experience working with Shopify merchants
  • Easy, quick and reliable app setup & configuration

Awesome Features

  • Create Custom Wholesale and discount rules using our Discount Groups
  • Enable Customers to checkout and apply discounts based on customer tags
  • Set Wholesale pricing for specific products or by product collections as per your choice
  • Create Tiered pricing based on volume – quantity or amount based
  • Allow discounts either in percentage or fixed value
  • Enable or Disable Discount groups at your convenience
  • Predefined Optional Start/End dates for Discount Groups
  • Show Discount on Cart page
  • Setup the app within a few minutes.

Always open to Feedback

If you think our app is missing something or have suggestions to improve it, we are happy to learn more. Please share your suggestions and feedback with our team and we will be happy to hear and support you!