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Wholesale & Custom Pricing

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Wholesale & Custom Pricing

Wholesale & Custom Pricing
by Website On-Demand
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Ever wanted to offer wholesale pricing but didn’t want to have to create a separate store? We have you covered! Offer wholesale pricing, custom pricing, tiered pricing, VIP pricing & volume discounts to your wholesale customers and friends & family VIP customers. Treat your VIP, B2B, or repeat purchasers like royalty by giving them special wholesale discounts.

  • Directly set wholesale prices for different customers on a per-variant basis
  • Works out of the box for most themes with no complicated setup
  • Enjoy advanced features like net orders and individual product pricing
  • No hidden duplicate variants or discount codes

Auto-tag Rules

Automatically give customers wholesale discounts when they sign-up for a customer account without the wait!

Wholesale Order Form

  • A dedicated order form that enables buyers to buy in bulk
  • Add multiple on a single page
  • Applies wholesale discount/prices
  • Only logged in visitors can access the page

Override Shipping and Tax Charges for Wholesale Orders

  • Prevent wholesalers from choosing free shipping while regular customers can enjoy free shipping all on one Shopify store
  • Make wholesale orders tax-exempt with no extra steps

Compatible with AJAX Carts Out-of-the-Box!

The ONLY wholesale app to offer out-of-the-box compatibility with AJAX carts in several of the most popular Shopify themes such as Supply, Narrative, Boundless, Brooklyn, and Pop themes.

Net 15/30 Payment Terms

Net 15/30 Payment Terms feature lets you specify customers that can place orders on your site without going through the checkout

Motivates Your Customers to Spend More at Your Store

The powerful upsell offers feature encourages shoppers to spend more and unlock higher discounts on product pages, and during checkout in the cart pages.


  • Tiered pricing tables embedded directly on the product pages
  • Displays upsell offers to wholesale shoppers
  • Offer wholesale discounts on specific products, collections, or your entire store
  • Wholesale discount tiers can be based on dollar value or quantity – you can even set discounted prices
  • Multiple wholesale discount groups can be applied at checkout at the same time letting you offer the same customer different wholesale discounts on different products

How Does Wholesale Pricing Now Work?

Create a wholesale discount group with the wholesale discount and the customer tag it should apply to

Choose whether to apply the wholesale discount to specific products or your entire store

Support for Wholesale Pricing

We’re here to support your success at every stage of your custom pricing journey.
Contact us and we even offer LIVE CHAT!