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Swatch Specialist

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Swatch Specialist

Swatch Specialist
by Shopdev
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About Swatch Specialist

Ever looked for variant swatches on the collection page? Swatch specialist will make that happen. An App created to help the customers find the right product by displaying all its variant swatches on the collection page. Thus increasing ease of exploring and customer satisfaction by giving them the swatches on the very first page they land on, the collection page.

  • Pick the right color – Swatch Specialist enables you to display all the Colors your product is available in on the listing page.
  • Get the right size – Displays all sizes available in your product on the listing page.
  • Reflects upon user urgency – Shows ‘Available’ or ‘Out of Stock’ message on the listing page.
  • Customize how your swatches would look like according to your store Branding
  • Make it round or square
  • Customize the size of the variant
  • Make your variant in any color you like
  • Swatch placement can be according to your preference

Swatch specialist works for any brand that deals with clothes, food, shoes, electronics, and fashion. Basically, for all those brands that can present their products in different colors or sizes and want their customers to know about all the variants of a product they are offering, this App is the right tool for your store.

The Swatch specialist is responsive and supports all your devices; mobile, desktop, or tablet. This enhances the customer experience and does not frustrate the customers since available sizes are easily visible on the listing page

If you are not sure about using the App, you can install it for a free trial and preview all the options it offers and how the swatches would look like. It is designed to be compatible with all Shopify themes. It’s One Click Installation and takes a few minutes to get started with your Swatch Specialist App.


If in case there is an issue with the installation or the App doesn’t work for your custom store we provide free installation support.

Start your journey with the Swatch Specialist Today.

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