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Smart Search & Filter

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Smart Search & Filter

Smart Search & Filter
by Searchanise
⭐ 4.8 of 5 stars(1237 reviews)

Smart Search & Filter from Searchanise is the all-in-one solution to improve your store’s conversion rate. It does so with the help of advanced & instant search, a neat search results page, and various merchandising tools.

The most-reviewed Shopify search & filter app, trusted by over 12,000 clients, gently holds your customers’ hand as it guides him or her through your website. Starting with:

Typing a search query

Your potential future customers have probably come to your site with at least a rough idea of what they want. To find it though, they’ll need a search bar – and ours has everything you might possibly need, such as:

  • Predictive search with typo autocorrection and synonyms
  • “Did you mean” suggestions
  • Search both across products & site content
  • Personalized search results
  • In-search product previews

Navigating the search results page

After your visitor gets to the search results page, he’ll likely need a way to narrow down the results. With our powerful product filters, he can do that. We offer:

  • Both ready-made & custom filters. The former include all the usual suspects (filtering by price, vendor, availability, etc.), while the latter can be set up to match specific product attributes: tags, variations, and meta fields
  • Multiple filter selection
  • Top and/or side filters. Choose where you want your filters to be
  • Customizable look and feel. Display your filters as open or closed, deploy color swatches to show different product options

You will also be able to add View Product, Quick View, or Add to Cart button to your search results page’s products – and provide a snappy route to checkout.

Exploring products

We can further fuel your visitors’ interest in your goods via recommendations blocks. Our Upsell and Cross-sell widgets will help you boost sales.

Some of them are ready out of the box (like Customers Who Bought This Also Bought), while you can easily configure others. Just select a common denominator for the products you’d like to promote, name the resulting recommendation block, and choose a page where to insert it.

It gets even better

Our widgets are fully customizable to blend in with your store’s theme; we help promote products in-search and beyond via product merchandising rules, while our in-depth analytics will explain your customers’ behavior.

We are also integrated with other apps, such as Langify and Yotpo, and are a mobile-friendly bunch: our widgets look just as good on smartphones as they do on laptops.

You can install the app in just one click – no coding skills required. Give it a whirl – the first 14 days are on us.