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Recomatic Related Products

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Recomatic Related Products

Recomatic Related Products
by Wordsense
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People that buy online are impatient and you constantly lose sales as a result. Use Recomatic to display smart Related Products and get those sales back. No time to set it up? No problem! We take care of everything for you!

Why every store needs related products.

One of your most important jobs as an online merchant is to make sure that your customers find your products as quickly as possible. Your navigation menu and search bar are not enough, because some customers simply never use them. They often come to your store from a web search and don’t know exactly what they’re looking for; instead, they start browsing, and if nothing catches their attention quickly, they get frustrated and leave without buying anything. Recomatic related products helps you avoid that.

Our recommendation module improves your browsing experience by showing your visitors related products that they’ll be interested in on product and cart pages. This allows them to jump from one product to another with ease and find what they are looking for in less time, making them a lot more likely to buy from you.

Why Related Products included with your theme are not enough.

Shopify themes sometimes come with a related products feature, the “you may also like” section you sometimes find underneath a product description. While it may look identical to what our app does, they usually only show random products from the same collection, and ever the more advanced variations use very simplistic logic such as “customers also bought” and the like.

Our app on the other hand combines dozens of attributes to select items that will have the maximum effect on your sales and make sense to your customers. It also provides you with all the reporting that will demonstrate the increase in sales!

Recomatic will save you tons of time.

You’re already busy maintaining your product base, making your descriptions and visuals helpful and attractive, fulfilling orders and answering customers. You certainly have no time to manually choose what to recommend with what, and do it again every time you add or remove a product is definitely not an option.

Recomatic Related Products automatically does all this work for you. It uses past orders data, products descriptions and titles, tags and categories to select the most relevant related products to show. It’s always in sync with your product base and it learns from your customers. In other words, it supercharges your “you may also like” feature to massively improve your customers buying experience.

A team dedicated to making your store more effective.

If you know how to edit your Shopify theme, installing Recomatic will be very easy; if you don’t, our team will set everything up for you in no time, for free.

Try it now with our 14 day free trial.