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ModeMagic ‑ Product Badges

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ModeMagic ‑ Product Badges

ModeMagic ‑ Product Badges
by Mason
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[NEW] Boost store sales with better product listings – Product badges and labels

What is ModeMagic?

Modemagic brings no-code automated blocks for your storefront – from auto-updating listings to automated sale badges auto-updating collections. All in one place. With ModeMagic, you can –

  • Add unique product badges, labels, animated stickers & icons to your product images to highlight discounts, new arrivals, best sellers, out-of-stock products, or more.
  • Create product descriptive images showcasing a combination of product photos, feature highlights, and icons to best highlight differentiators.
  • Reduce bounce rate by calling out secure checkout and winning customer trust in seconds.
  • Enable product badge automation for your store and relax.

Why do I need product badges, labels, trust badges, or icons?

The attention span of a shopper is a few seconds. That’s all the time you have to capture their attention. Product badges, labels & icons help you do just that. Different types of stickers act as different shopping cues. You can use them to –

  • Grab attention: Badges like “Best-Sellers”, “New-Arrivals” or “20% Off” encourage shoppers to navigate your best products.
  • Establish trust: Add payment icons, guarantees, safe & secure checkout, free shipping, free returns, and more, quickly on all product pages of the store, with just one click.
  • Create social proof: Customers are strongly influenced by what others are doing. Labels such as “Customer’s Favorite”, “Trending” or “Fast Selling” create social proof.

Why do I need product feature cards?

Product pages with long text are a common point of customer drop-offs. Shoppers are found to be most engaged while scrolling product images. With product feature cards, you can –

  • Convert long and boring text into a snappy picture using a combination of text, icons, and product images
  • Set yourself apart from competitors by showcasing your unique selling proposition upfront

Why choose ModeMagic?

ModeMagic has been awarded by Shopify for its ease of use. Some of the power features designed to save your time are –

  • 3000+ badge library: Choose from 3000+ product badges & stickers. Use a simple editor to adjust your design elements to best showcase your products.
  • Make Your Own: Create your own stickers in the style, color & font of your choice. You can even request custom stickers from us!
  • Automate badge updates: Automatically update an out-of-stock, few-left, new arrival or sale badge with simple automation rules. Set it up once and forget it forever.
  • Badges in over 8 major languages: Choose a label in the language of your choice.
  • Mobile & web-friendly: Badges are compatible with all desktop & mobile devices.

Customer Support

Ree from Team ModeMagic is here 24×7 to help you!