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Why do Pre-order products in the order lack the properties of ” Pre-order items” or “Pre-order” tag?

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In order to show up “ Pre-order” tag in product order, there must be at least 1 pre-order product which contains the properties of ” Pre-order items”

To display the products in the cart which include the properties of pre-order items, all of the products when adding  to cart need to have these properties

Here are the possible reasons why these properties disappear while setting up pre-order products:


1. The pre-order products are added to cart from one page, in which the “ Add to cart” button has not replaced by the ” Pre-order” button

=> This is probably due to the fact that the app has not integrated with the theme correctly. Thus in this case, please get in touch with our Globo team to get the fastest support and resolve this issue

2. The customers might add their products to cart before the admin set up pre-order products in the back-end site of the app


Please contact us via email address [email protected] to be assisted  in case you encounter any technical incidents while using the app

We are always willing to help with all sincerity

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