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Why do I encounter the error of ” phone – has already been taken” on the Shopify registration form?

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On the Shopify registration form, if the customers have the same phone number which has been already registered as Customer in Shopify, there will show up the error message of “phone – has already been taken while they fill out the form.

That is the reason why most customers could not be able to submit the form on the site.


In order to avoid this situation from occurring on your form, here is our suggestion for you to use the app function to allow the existing customers to keep submitting the form.

Steps to manage

Please follow our instructions to interlink your form elements to Shopify Customer Data

1. Open the app > click Forms > open the form you want to edit

2. Click the Integration icon on the left side > enable Shopify

3. Select Continue and ignore the error option for If customer already exist field

We suggest that you could enable this option to update customer’s information, which will allow customers to keep submitting the form and create new Shopify Customer in case the the email matches and the unmatched phone will be updated.

4. Click ” Save” to update the form

Test the result once again in the front-end site of your store




In case this issue still persists on the site, please contact us via this email address [email protected] and leave us more details of your case

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