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Why you should use your own SMTP Mail Service?

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What is SMTP?

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is the industrial standard to send emails via the internet

It uses proper authentication which increases the chances that your emails will actually get delivered via the user’s inbox.

There are both paid and free SMTP service providers. In fact, you can get a free SMTP account from Google,…

However, there is a limitation on the number of emails you can send while using traditional email services.

Why is it advisable that you should use your own SMTP Mail Service?

Because all emails in our app will be sent by our mail service, it means that every shop using our app will use this service as well

In the peak time of high traffic, there will be a delay in sending emails

Therefore, using your own SMTP mail service would be highly recommended in this case

Moreover, all the emails that derive from our app will send from email in SMTP service (not from [email protected] by default)

References: How to setup SMTP email?


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