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Use theme product list layout

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Enable theme’s product list template

Our app can keep your original theme’s product list layout if your store satisfies two conditions:

  • Your Shopify theme is listed here.
  • You haven’t customized anything in your collection page layout yet.

To continue using your Shopify theme layout, follow the steps below.

Steps to manage

  1. From the app’s top navigation, click Filter > Product Template.
  2. In the Product Item Template section, select the Theme Layout option.
  3. Go to the General Settings section.
  4. Set up the number of products per page/per row.
    – Default products per page: Define the default number of products showing up on one page. For example: If you enter the ‘9’ value, the collection page will showcase nine products on each page by default.
    – Allowed products per page: Define the number of products per page options that customers can switch.
  5. Click Save to finish.

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