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Set up Shipping Date

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How to use Dynamic Variables to show the estimated delivery date

Setting a Shipping Date provides a Dynamic Variable for showing the estimated delivery date in the Pre-Order Message and Cart Message/Label as it will reflect any changes directly to locations such as the Product Page, Cart Label and Pre-Order Notification Emails.


  1. From the left sidebar → Click Pre-Order tab → Click a particular profile in Single Product or Multiple Products
  2. If you select On date, select a specific date
  3. If you select After checkout, enter X number of Days from Checkout you would like to deliver
  4. Use the variable “:shipping_date” in Message above button or Message under button to show up on the product page
  5. Use the variable “:shipping_date” in Pre-ordered item label to show up on cart page and Notification Email
  6. Click Save to save changes

How Shipping date setting affect the Shopify Fulfillment Status

Only applicable when the store is under the new Shopify preorder model. For your reference: https://globo.io/kb/how-about-the-new-shopify-preorder-model

  • When Shipping date is set up as No set, Shopify Fulfillment Status is not affected by the app
  • When Shipping date is set up as On date/After checkout, Fulfillment status will display On hold.

Products in the order will be separated into separate On Hold products that are distinguished from the in-stock products.

After the order is fulfilled, you must manually click the “Fulfill item” button to mark the fulfillment for the order

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