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Set up profile product

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In contrast to Single products, with Profile products settings, the app system will set up Pre-order for a whole range of products by default, including variants of each product

In case you want to enable pre-order session for a large number of products with the same configuration, please select the option of profile products

  1. From the admin site of the app, click ” Pre-order profiles” tab
  2. Click ” Create profile
  3. Select pre-order format that you want to set up “ Select products” or ” Collections
  4. Search and select Collection/ Products
  5. Save.


All of the steps would be similar to the configuration of ” Single product“. Please refer to this link below for more details of reference 



If a product belongs to multiple profiles, the product will give priority to receiving the latest updated profile.

If the product has both a single profile setup and a multiple profile setup, the product will give priority to receiving the single profile.

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