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Quick guide for Globo Powerful Contact Form Builder

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This article shows up the general steps to use the app for the first time.

 1. Install the app on your Shopify store

Here is the app link on Shopify for installation: https://apps.shopify.com/form-builder-contact-form

 2. Create a form in the app 

There are multiple templates for forms in the app that you select and create a form quickly.

Here is for your reference: Create a new form (globo.io)

3. Display the form on the site

The app allows you display the form on the Shopify pages.

You can add form on a page, specific pages or all the pages of your store. Please follow this guide: Display a form on Shopify front store (globo.io)


 4. Make sure the app embed is enabled on the theme

To make the app work on the site, please make sure the app embed is activated on the theme you are checking. Learn more

Then check the app on the live site

If you do encounter any difficulty while proceeding these steps, don’t show any hesitation to contact us promptly via the email address [email protected]

We are always willing to help with all sincerity!

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