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Manually Uninstall

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You should follow these below steps to manually remove the app on your theme.


  1. From the Shopify admin navigation, go to the Themes folder.
  2. Browse to the theme you applied the app.
  3. On the Action dropdown, click Edit code.
  4. Open the theme.liquid file in the Layout folder.
  5. Search and delete these code lines:
{% render 'globo.recommendations.action' %}
{% render 'globo.recommendations.script' %}
<div class=”globoRecommendationsTop”></div>

6. Delete the following files:

  • snippets/globo.recommendations.script.liquid
  • snippets/globo.recommendations.action.liquid
  • snippets/globo.recommendations.template.liquid
  • templates/search.globo.recommendations.liquid
  • templates/collection.globo.recommendations.liquid
  • sections/globo-recommendations.liquid
  • assets/globo.recommendations.css
  • assets/globo.recommendations.js
  • assets/globo.recommendations.init.js
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