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Integrate app to theme

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This feature is helpful if you want to set up this app carefully on an unpublished theme before publishing it.

Create theme backup

The app will apply a few changes to your theme. Before integrating our app to your Shopify theme, we strongly recommend you to create a theme’s backup. The steps to create a backup are as follows.


  1. From your Shopify admin panel, go to Themes.
  2. In the Actions button, select the Duplicate option.
  3. Shopify will generate a copied theme automatically. It is the backup of your current one!

Integrate app to theme

If you do want to test a filter before publishing, you should select an unpublish theme to apply the app. You should not integrate the app to your current publish theme.


  1. In the app’s navigation, click on Theme Setup.
  2. From the Select a theme for applying the filter dropdown, choose a theme to integrate into this app.
  3. Click the Apply Filter button.

  4. Click the Go to Theme -> App Embed button to enable the App Embed in the Theme Customize settings.
  5. Click Save to finish.

After this last step, the chosen theme will have a brand new filter tree. You should test the filter on this theme.

After you have done this theme integration If there is any conflict between the app & your theme. You can simple hit to “Uninstall Filter” button to remove all addition code of the app in your theme.

Should anything else arise, please reach out to us

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