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Instagram Feed, Story & TikTok

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Instagram Feed, Story & TikTok

Instagram Feed, Story & TikTok
by Socialhead
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Socialwidget by Socialhead – Shoppable Instagram widget feed and TikTok video feed solutions for Shopify stores.

Socialwidget brings your whole social media profile to eCommerce websites to drive social proof, expand community and grow sales through shoppable features. With Socialwidget, you can easily create, customize and embed multiple Instagram feeds and TikTok video feeds anywhere on your pages.

Set up Instagram widget feeds & TikTok video feeds with clicks

Not tech-savvy? No problem. We’ve made all features user-friendly enough for everyone! Once you connect your accounts to the app, you can have all media auto-synced and merely set up your own unique storefronts with no coding skills.

Import media from multiple @Accounts and #Hashtags

You can add multiple Instagram accounts to our app just by clicks. Enjoy importing images, videos, and carousels from different sources and hashtags with ease.

Customize your galleries for TikTok & Instagram feeds as you want

You can customize your galleries to serve your purposes. Connect your galleries with multiple media sources to add more nice images, videos, carousels. Show or hide specific items from your galleries or pin the best-performing ones on the top of your galleries effortlessly.

Optimize your Instagram feed & TikTok video feeds to make them stand out

We understand that you need your feed to stand out and match the theme of your store. That’s why you can customize your feed freely by setting theme and overlay styles in-app or more for the best display!

Loading speed optimization for multiple devices

Socialwidget has optimized displaying settings for all your widgets on both desktop and mobile, to ensure your Instagram & TikTok feeds show up right when you need them.

Make your Instagram feeds shoppable

Tag product or specific variants directly to your images, videos, and carousels to create Instagram feeds that sell! Easily add, remove or drag your product anywhere in the photo to tag it more precisely. Add HOT BADGES to highlight your best-selling products.

Drive more sales with CTA buttons

Drive more buying decisions with CTA buttons on your widgets (Add to cart/ Direct to checkout/ Open product detail). Therefore, your customers now only need 1 click to add items to their carts or go directly to checkout pages, or view product details.

Adapt to all screen sizes and devices

We make sure your Instagram feeds and TikTok video feeds look best on all devices.

New Feature: Support multi-language translating

You can now translate your widgets and feeds into languages for your customers to understand.

5-star Customer Support team available for FREE

Our dedicated customer support team will always be ready to deal with any problems for the best products and services.