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EXPO ‑ Extra Product Options

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EXPO ‑ Extra Product Options

EXPO ‑ Extra Product Options
by SeedGrow
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Create product forms through option sets

Extra product options come in various types:

  • Text: add an input field for custom text, and optionally set it as a required field to make sure it’s not empty.
  • Number: add an input field for number to get phone number or other printing figures.
  • Choice list: single-choice radio buttons which can show in a single row or different rows.
  • Checkbox: multiple-choice checkboxes with additional description.
  • Dropdown list: single-choice list with additional description for each option value.
  • Color and image swatches: feature-packed with customizable shapes, stacks, styles, and custom upload images.
  • Buttons (v2.0)
  • File upload (v2.0)
  • Date picker (v2.0)
  • Time picker (v2.0)

Show next Shopify custom product options based on the selected top-level options

Automatically extend additional options when the customer chooses certain options.

Run actions based on logic conditions

Conditions start actions via an IF-THEN statement.
You can trigger built-in action types such as these examples:

  • Increase price when related conditions are met
  • Decrease price when related conditions are met
  • Decrease price by percentage like discount code

With each product option set, you will have advanced settings including:

  • Show/hide extended options and fields based on the triggering option value
  • Additional cost and description
  • Customizable stack styles
  • And a lot more

Show transparent costs

Each added option makes an additional item on the cart page. There you can show the cost breakdown details for extra values, printable areas, gift wrapping, packing requests, insurance, and so on.

Join the future of e-commerce

Get started quickly and risk-free with a ready-made efficient app. Whoever you are, and wherever you start, EXPO allows you to start a new income stream through infinite custom values.

Bundle products and services as variables

Entrepreneurs, artisans, and merchants can get their business scheme up and running in no time. Start selling custom products, samples, and even virtual products.

Have peace of mind

Adding accessories and decorating options to the existing products doesn’t have to be complicated. Now you can enable/disable the extra product forms any time based on product vendors and product types.

Full of love and support

We’re always here for you when you need help. If you have questions or demands, feel free to ask!

What to offer through extra product options?

Here are some ideas and scenarios to bring practical use cases for your store:

  • Pet name, phone number printing
  • Item engraving and top coat finish
  • Extended sessions for standard course items
  • Third-party warranty coverage and carrier insurance
  • Gift wrap options for birthdays, special anniversaries, or seasonal touches