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EasyStock Stock Product Labels

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EasyStock Stock Product Labels

EasyStock Stock Product Labels
by NexusMedia OÜ
⭐ 4.8 of 5 stars(38 reviews)

Easy Stock is an app designed to show customers the availability of your products. By using the app’s attractive inventory widgets on your product and collections pages, you can emphasize scarcity and high demand. Inventory display widgets make your online buyers act impulsively and quickly.

Want to generate more revenues and higher conversion rates? Install this app now!

Easy Stock helps sellers show how many products they have in stock alerts at any given time, whether it’s low stock, limited stock or sold out (solde). Effective call-to-action titles, bright colors, and relevant stock levels displayed on widgets can increase sales!

  • “High stock”, “Low Stock”, “Limited quantity” and “Out of Stock” inventory counter widgets will improve your customers’ shopping experience and drastically decrease the number of lost clients.
  • “Low stock”, and “Only left” product badge create a sense of urgency and encourage buyers to complete their orders, fast!
  • The “In stock” & “High Stock” quantity counter widgets show suggest that products might be delivered more quickly than lower-stock or out of stock items.
  • “Out of Stock” & “Pre-order” widgets alert customers about possible supply and delivery delays.

These widgets not only show the inventory count / stock levels for predefined thresholds; they also let shoppers know that some items are available in limited quantities remaining and might run out quickly. That pushes buyers to place their orders immediately, instead of delaying the final buying decision. It saves them precious time and forces your sales.

Start using Easy Stock right now! Here’s why:

  • Adding visually appealing inventory counter or stock counter widgets to product pages shows the inventory level of each product and variant separately

  • “Low Stock” and “Only a few left in stock” low inventory stock bar create a sense of urgency in customers and compels them to complete their orders faster

  • You can add text or badge quantity remaining widgets to product or collection pages, specify their on-page position, and determine exclusions for each one

  • You can adjust the pre-designed stock badges / product labels to fit your storefront

  • Set up powerful call-to-action text titles for different widget types to catch your visitors’ attention and boost sales

  • You can use the live preview option to see how the stock bar / stock badge will appear on your storefront.