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Shoppable UGC & Instagram shop

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Shoppable UGC & Instagram shop

Shoppable UGC & Instagram shop
by Cevoid
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Collect UGC (User-generated content) from customers and showcase it on your website

Inspire and convert visitors with content from your customer community. Let your customers co-create your content and build your brand with you.

UGC from Instagram hashtags, mentions and Tagged

Track when customers tag or mention you on Instagram and follow your favorite hashtags. Send requests for the posts you want to use on your website.

Collect UGC through Branded upload forms

Invite customers who don’t want to share on social media to share directly with you through branded upload forms.
Invite customers with links in emails, QR-code in physical spaces and packages.

Add your Instagram Feed

Reuse your own Instagram content in Instagram shop galleries on your website.

Approve and tag posts you want to use

  • Approve received posts before they are automatically published to your galleries
  • Turn on auto-approval for sources you trust
  • Add product tags to your posts to make them shoppable

Some of our most used galleries are

  • UGC gallery
  • Product page gallery
  • Instagram Feed Shop gallery
  • Instagram Shop gallery
  • Category gallery
  • Influencer shop gallery
  • Community wall
  • Single post blog posts

Showcase content and UGC in Shoppable galleries

Let customers browse your UGC in interactive galleries.
Use our default galleries or compose your own.

Dynamic ‘See it styled’ gallery for Product pages

Add our Dynamic product page gallery to your product pages to showcase posts of the specific product.
The gallery is embedded in your product page template once and changes its content automatically.

Build and style your UGC galleries

Change the design and layout for each gallery to match the style and purpose of your page.

Whitelist Influencers & Customers

To continuously get access to posts that loyal creators tag or mention in, you can whitelist them. This way you don’t have to send dedicated requests for each post.
Customers can whitelist themselves when they accept your first request.

Provide influencers with dedicated upload pages

Give your influencers dedicated pages where they continuously can share content with you. Each time they upload they can bulk upload up to 20 posts and attach a short message to you.

Automated rights management

Cevoid manage all rights when customers share content or approve a request.

Translate and customize all consumer-facing texts

All customer-facing texts can be modified to your preferred language and to match your copy style.

Easy to embed

All our galleries can easily be embedded on you your Shopify store and no coding experience is needed.
With a Shopify 2.0 theme, all Cevoid’s galleries can be added as sections and blocks.