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Prestashop website development services

If you are owning a small to medium sized business and planning to build an online store, our experts advices for you is using the website under Prestashop platform which is becoming the first and foremost choice for thousands of business owners all over the world. With Prestashop, everything from setting up to maintenance becomes easier for everyone including who lacks of technology knowledge. Let’s go through some important reasons why Prestashop was definitely designed for you:

  • Prestashop is more and more popular across the globe. Nowadays, it supports more than 40 languages options for users and in fact, seeking for a developers for your Prestashop website doesn’t get hard anymore
  • With the lightweight database, your Prestashop website will process faster and smoother than other platforms that really improve customer experience
  • Prestashop is an open-source e-commerce platform, offers you with plenty of innovative templates that helps improve the frontend appearance due to its nice, fashionable and professional look and feel
  • Intelligently understanding your business requirement and the allied industries, Prestashop give your online store a huge modules such as Amazon marketplace, SEO expert, Advanced search, newsletter and so on that helps improve functionalities for your website, help your customers have the great and enriching experience during the time searching information from your website.
  • Prestashop was designed for whom doesn’t know well at technology. You can get anything easy and fast that help you reduce a hug cost and time spending on your ecommerce website.

When it comes to Globo Software Solution, we offer comprehensive Prestashop development services in the high level that have satisfied more than 1100 clients (500+ clients use our services more than 1 times) during 7 years from 2009 to now. The combination of intensive knowledge, long experience on Prestashop, focus, dedication on every projects and always put customer services above everythings is the key for our successful until now. In Prestashop field, we are offering:

Prestashop Module Development

With our deep experienced and skillful team, what we need from you is provide us your wanted modules or just any ideas that you want us to make, we will do all the rest for you. During 7 years, we have done a variety of Prestashop modules from simple to complicated one, we empowered a huge number of websites, driven more conversion and got positive feedback from our clients.

Prestashop Theme Development

Nowadays, the frontend design plays an important part on getting consumer attention. At Globo, we understand what make your customer happy and take actions. Our young and innovative team will help you create a modern and attractive look and feel that help your audiences stay longer and give them the completed experience during the time they walk around there.

Prestashop Upgrade and  Maintenance

Your Prestashop website need to upgrade and maintain monthly and we are here to help! Let us keep your website up-to-date and run better with the affordable prices and in a very short time.

Prestashop Optimizing Performance (Speed up your pages loading)

If you are struggling with your store loading process, we are here to help you. As the expert on Prestashop, we have got ability on diagnosing any issues and improve the speed, optimize your website to make it run fast and smoothly as you expected.

Convert PSD to Prestashop

All you need is provide Globo PSD files and we will help you convert to the real website. With the intensive knowledge on cutting-edge technology, we not only build a website that look exactly what you want, but also optimize other aspects that make website run professional and efficient such as SEO friendly, fully responsive, high page speed and so on. We have delivered a huge PSD to Prestashop conversion projects and receive the excellent feedback for our dedicated works.

Why choose us

  • With our knowledge, focus and dedication, each product we build was tested very well before sending client out. So it’s very hard to find any issues on our products that make client feel happy for time and cost reducing during the time working with us.
  • With more than 6 years experience on website development industry, we gain a lot of achievement that helping more than 1100 clients feeling completed with their website, more than 500 clients come back and work with us on several projects that become our loyal customer.
  • With cost advantages in Vietnam, we offer the hourly rate of $10/h. In compare with developers in other countries for example: America, Singapore, Japan and some other European countries, you will save much money when working with us.
  • If you are worrying some related issues may arise after project completing, we always here and support you unlimited time. You can contact us from 8:00 AM to 10:00PM (UTC + 7) through email or skype.