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What is the purpose of a hidden field?

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In the form element table, there’s a hidden field element:

This hidden field doesn’t appear in the form. The app automatically gets the value of this field, and show up this value in the “Submit Data” tab. The hidden field can be used in the product review form, or product request a quote form. You can know the product item which the client has submitted the form without entering product name/product URL.
The setting is just simple. Let me take an example. In the below screenshot, I select “Product name” in the “Dynamic value” field (You can select “Product URL” value instead):

When a client submits the form on a specific product detail page, the product name will be displayed in “Submit Data”:

If you still have questions about how does the hidden field work, feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at [email protected]!


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