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What difference of the plans: Free and Silver and Gold

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Here is the pricing of the app

For more information, please see the detail of each feature below

1, Number of products: the app will have a limit of the products supported showing the product variant options with the style of the app in Free plan and Silver plan, and the rest products of the store still show the default theme variant selector. Yet, in the Gold plan, it’s unlimited in the number of products supported

2, Variant image: Here is the function to show the image in the circle swatch that is limited in the Free plan. The app has 2 styles to show the image in the circle swatch: custom image swatch and automated color or image swatch

  • As for the Custom image swatch, this belongs to the style Custom color or image swatch, in the Free plan, the app only supports the custom color swatch to set up the color for the values, and the settings of setting up the image are greyed out

  •  As for the Automated color or image swatch style: the app supports taking the image of the Shopify variant to show for the circle swatch automatically, in the Free plan, it’s greyed out and not clickable

3, Show variant on the collection page: The app has the function to show the product variants on the collection page, and thus function is limited in the Free plan

4, Multi-language function: The app offers this function to show the app on all languages of the store but not only the default language, this feature is only available in the Gold plan

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