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Use Hidden field to show Page title, Product title and other information

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Steps to manage 

1. open the app > click Forms > open a form you want to edit

2. In Elements tab, click Add element > select Hidden element

3. In the Hidden element, select data type: Fixed value, you can enter a value to the field Assign value or copy the variant below to add to the field.

4. Click Save to update the changes

Check the result in the submission detail

For example: To show the page title in the submission detail you receive, please add the variant {{-page.title-}} to the field.

The page title will be added to the data you receive via the hidden field.




Currently here are the available variants our app provides:

Page title

Page url
Product Title
Product Vendor
Product Type
Customer name
Customer email


If you do encounter any difficulty while proceeding these steps, don’t show any hesitation to contact us promptly via the email address apps@globosoftware.net

We are always willing to help with all sincerity!

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