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Settings panel

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 Product settings

1. Pre-order button: Configure color, background-color, and border-color and preview button

2. Message above/under button: Configure color, font size, and background color for the message 

3.NA message: Configure color, background color, and border color for the message

4.Hide buy now button: Enable the checkbox “Hide Buy now button” to make the “ Buy now” button hidden for pre-order products on both product page and quick view window 

 Product list settings

1.Enable pre-order badge to display the badges for pre-order products on the list of Collection page, Slider carousel ( Themes)

2.Configure and preview pre-order badge: edit font size, badge shape, position,..

3. Font family: Enable the checkbox ” Use theme’s font-family” to use the default font of theme; or else, you can uncheck the box to select the font as your desire

4. Pre-order option: Show message under/above the preorder button + show payment option

Cart settings:

Enable “ Mixed cart warning” to display pop-up window as a reminder to customers when their carts contain both pre-order products and in-stock items

Note: This function currently only works on the cart page, but the cart drawer is not yet supported.

Mail settings

1. Mail notification: Send the email to customers when they purchase a pre-order product successfully

  • In order to use this function, please turn on the checkbox “Sent automatically to the customer after they place their pre-order” 
  • Edit the email’s template as your desire or you can use the default template of the app. Change the values in the email by variants in “ Liquid variable”
  • Experiment Send Mail : The admin could preview sample emails before sending them to customers by filling out their trial emails and clicking “ Send email” 


2. Mail reminder: This function would be applied to all pre-order products which are set up ” Partial payment“. The admin will send the email to clients to remind them to fulfill their payment before receiving products

  • Send multiple orderOrders -> Select order -> More actions -> Email Invoice 
  • Send single order : Orders -> Order detail -> More actions -> Email invoice 

3. Mail SMTP

Note: If you leave all of the fields in the email blank, the app system will use the default email, which will lead to a delay in sending emails during the high traffic. Thus we suggest that you should use SMTP email service to avoid this delay instead 


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