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Require email verification after customers submit the form

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Settings in app

Steps to manage

  1. From the app admin page, click Forms > open the form you want to edit
  2. Click Integration icon on the left side > enable Shopify > click Configure button
  3. Select Shopify Account options > select Send email invitation
  4. Tick on Accepts marketing checkbox if you want to let customer account’s status are all subscribed automatically  (optional)
  5. Tick on Overwrite customer’s existing tags and notes checkbox  [optional]
  6. Copy the Shopify sample properties in the list above and paste them into fields on the right side corresponding to fields of the form (on the left). For example: enter attribute first_name next to the First name field, enter email attribute for the Email field,…
  7. Save the form to apply the change
  8. Submit the form and check the result


Require email verification workflow

The app will create a customer profile in Shopify when a new customer submits the form, but these new customers will not be able to access their account until they verify their email address.

 1. Customer form submission
The customer fills out and submits your form on the storefront.

 2. Account activation invite

  • After form submission, an account activation email will be sent to the customer.
  • By default, the body of Shopify’s invite email includes a link/button that allows the customer to confirm their email address and activate their account.

3. Customer activates account
When the customer clicks the link/button in the email, they’ll be redirected to the store’s native account activation page to set a password and activate their new account.

If you do encounter any difficulty while proceeding these steps, don’t show any hesitation to contact us promptly via the email address apps@globosoftware.net

We are always willing to help with all sincerity!

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