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Quote List

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1. Quote list

In order to see the list of quotes, clicks Quotes

In the quote list, we can view the below parts.

Quote status

  • All: All quotes will be listed down when admin clicks on this tab.
  • Unread: This tab shows up unread quotes.
  • Order: This tab shows up quotes that have been created orders.
  • Purchased: This tab shows up quotes that have been purchased.


Quote Sort

Click this dropdown to choose condition to sort the quotes:  Oldest quotes / Newest quotes.


2. Export quotes to a CSV file

  • We provide an option to export the list of quotes to a CSV file. In the Quotes list,  click Export button
  • Then select one of 3 options in the popup

Export quotes in

1) Current page

2) All quotes

3) By condition


  • After that, just save the CSV file to your computer.

If you do encounter any difficulty while creating a new option set, don’t show any hesitation to contact us promptly via the email address apps@globosoftware.net


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