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Manually Uninstall

Estimated reading time: < 1 min

Firstly, you open the theme.liquid file in the Layout folder. Next, you search and delete these two code lines:

  • {% include ‘globo.alsobought.script’ %}
  • {% include ‘globo.alsobought.action’ %}
  • <div class=”globoRecommendationsTop”></div>

After that, you delete the following files:

  1. Snippets folder: globo.alsobought.script.liquidglobo.alsobought.template.liquid,globo.alsobought.widget.liquid and globo.alsobought.action.liquid.
  2. Templates folder: collection.globo.related.liquid and search.globo.related.liquid.
  3. Assets folder: globo.alsobought.cssglobo.alsobought.jsglobo.alsobought.init.js,globo.alsobought.data.js.liquid, and globoRelatedDatas.js.
  4. Sections folder: globo-alsobought.liquid.

If you manually added code to the Thank you Order section, you must remove them by going to Setting > Checkout > Order processing: Additional scripts.

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