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Instagram Feed +Tiktok+YouTube

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Instagram Feed +Tiktok+YouTube

Instagram Feed +Tiktok+YouTube
by ⭐ Tagembed ⭐
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Tagembed social media feed Shopify App – Instagram Feed or InstaFeed, Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, Instagram TV or IGTV video, Instagram videos, TikTok Video feed, Twitter Feed, Facebook Feed, YouTube video Gallery, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest Stories, Portraits or Vertical Videos etc.

Tagembed is an all-in-one social media aggregator tool to add social feeds on websites. We brought the same legacy for Shopify users with useful customizable features. A quick, responsive, & easy to use app to add social feeds from 15+ social networks.

10+ Exclusive Themes/Layouts

  • Slider – Horizontal Carousel, Classic Carousel & Widget Theme

  • Grid – Square Space, Snap Card, Polaroid, Review Box & Gallery

  • List – Table View & more

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok & 15+ Social Platforms in One

  • Instagram – Add Instagram feed from Hashtag, Handle, Reels, Stories, IGTV etc.

  • Facebook – Integrate Facebook feed from the Facebook page, Profile, Facebook Album, and Facebook reviews

  • Twitter – Add Twitter feed by selecting any Hashtag, Handle, Tag, Mention, List, or Custom

  • TikTok – Add TikTok Videos using your Handle & Hashtag

  • YouTube – Add Youtube video from your YouTube Channel, Keyword, YouTube Playlist or Shorts

  • Google Reviews – Collect All Google Reviews from your Google My Business page or any places.

And many more platforms like Slack, Linkedin, Vimeo, Yelp, Airbnb, VK, etc

Features of Social Media Feeds App

  • Multiple Networks – Add variety of social content from multiple networks in different formats: photos, videos, portrai or text.

  • Advanced Moderation – Filter unwanted content before adding on website

  • Responsive – Auto adjust in any screen size (mobile, desktop etc)

  • Real-Time Feed Update – Automatically collects new feeds.

  • Click-Actions – Select Action-of-Click on image (Direct to source, featured pop-up, etc)

Customization & Personalization

  • Card Style: Select from a variety of options, fonts, colors, author details, CTA & more

  • Banners : Edit Existing Banner Template or upload your custom banner.

  • CTA – Add Call-To-Action button (buy now, shop the look, etc) on all of your feeds or selected feeds (with any link).

  • Background, Custom CSS, Profanity Filter, Custom Posts & More

Why Choose Tagembed Social Media Feed App

  • Easy & Effortless Integration – Integrate real-time content in a few clickable steps

  • Fast & Responsive – Collect contents in a jiffy

  • Quick Support – Super active assistance for all users

  • Coding Free Installing – Simple to set up & user-friendly

  • Complete Control – Enjoy complete control over your social media feeds

  • Customization Options – Customize widgets as per your Store

  • Enhance Conversions – Your one-stop-shop and the perfect solution to increase engagement & sales